Leshoko Enterprises , was established in 2009. After a lengthy and intense training by NORMAN CALLAN of THE BOYS,who receiver his training at YSL in Paris Leshoko Enterprises an umbrella over Vintageshock™ is a Private entity. We are a very innovative Company , to dress both males and females including our children from all walks of life.

Vintageshock™ Cousettery is our pride and joy. The ability to mold a female person into HER desired look and shape, without conforming to the restrictions of her body yet remain comfortable in her NEW structure, Her ideal structure. Often we follow a sillouette of what the client wants to create, with a basic need as not to drift away from the God given. We speciallisze in Michael Angelo, basic Corsettery and Buliconchino is our forte.

“MY DREAM... MY WISH... MY ASPIRATION...and indeed MY GOAL...VINTAGESHOCK!!! This has been a journey with much unanticipated challenges that follow when one decides to start a business from an unsettling dream that needs to be achieved. The foundation of VINTAGESHOCH is grounded on every human need of excellence. Our excellence is based in achieving the best silluette/ image that the client wants to create.”